Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: "Les Miserables"

Hello, readers. Time to crack the covers again in the name of reading and all the joys it can bring!

This is the second year for the "Hitting the Books" blog and we are back because you good people took kindly to our efforts. Here are some reminders:

This is not a typical book review space. This is for fun. The idea was to share with you books I enjoy reading with all the travel time I have to fill.

We expanded our reach last year to hear from managers, players, coaches, broadcasters and writers in baseball, and they were just wonderful in their video pieces discussing their favorite reads. We will do that again.

Graciously, Baltimore's own Enoch Pratt Free Library will again provide us with book recommendations from its enlightened staff. They were sensational in their support of our efforts last year and didn't hesitate to turn pages with us again.

Then there were the comments from readers who submitted exciting titles and added insightful comments to our workspace. We surely hope you will continue to do so.

We begin in Sarasota at the beautiful Selby Library with youth services coordinator Holly Anderson, who was kind enough to join us.

The Orioles continued this year to provide spring game tickets to youngsters who read three books in the month of February. Here's Holly to explain the program and tell us her favorite read.

Many thanks, Holly. Her recommendation of "Les Miserables" speaks to one of the most respected writings ever. As Holly stated, this is a massive read, written by Victor Hugo and published in 1862.

Les-Miz-Cover.jpgThe story covers 17 years in the underworld of Paris and the life of Jean Valjean. The characters - Cosette, inspector Javert, Fantine and others - were made historically famous by this work that takes us through love, hate and the French Revolution.

The 1980 Broadway play of the same title, with revivals since, brought the book to the world's attention again. A story that is forever.

"love was never meant to be
just a metaphor
between the pages of poetry."
- Sanober Khan, "A touch, a tear, a tempest"

As is true for the Orioles on the field, we open a new season in the stacks and hope you enjoy.

Gary Thorne is the play-by-play voice of the Orioles on MASN, and the 2016 season is his tenth with the club and 31st covering Major League Baseball. His blog will appear regularly throughout the season. The Orioles and Sarasota County have partnered on the Big League Reader Program, which rewarded kids who read three books in February with tickets to a Grapefruit League game at Ed Smith Stadium in March.

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