Jake Peavy: "I'm a Stephen Strasburg fan"

Veteran pitcher who has seen it all vs. rising fireballer who watched him growing up.

New buddy vs. new buddy. Workout partner vs. workout partner.

Nationals vs. Giants.

In Game 1 of the National League Division Series, right-hander Jake Peavy will face right-hander Stephen Strasburg.

San Diegan vs. San Diegan.

Or is it San Diego-an? Will Ferrell, help me out here.

It is San Diegan, of course

Strasburg-throws-gray.pngEither way, the two righties who exchanged texts throughout the season now pitch against each other in their respective teams' biggest game of the season to date.

"Yeah, I've met him a few times," the 26-year-old Strasburg said of Peavy. "He's a great guy, a great competitor. And, obviously. growing up in San Diego, I got a chance to see him do special things for the Padres.

"It's a tremendous opportunity, and I think I'm just excited for getting the chance to pitch in the postseason. It doesn't really matter who I'm facing."

The 33-year-old Peavy won the World Series last season with the Red Sox and is a former NL Cy Young Award winner, having pitched for the Padres, White Sox, Red Sox and now Giants.

He has a lot of respect and admiration from his southwest California buddy.

"Stephen's a friend," Peavy said. "I got a chance to work out with Stephen in some offseasons. He bought a house not too far from where I lived in San Diego, same community actually.

"I'm a Stephen Strasburg fan. You can't help to be one when there's a kid taking over the community at San Diego State. So I'm a big Stephen fan. We do talk and shoot texts back and forth and wish each other well.

"For (the NLDS opener), it will be different. I will try to beat him with everything I've got and he'll be doing the same. He's a great competitor. We all know how talented this guy is. He's got as good of stuff as anybody in the game and can really make it hard on you. So, I will do all I can to give him some good at-bats. He's a good athlete as well. So really the only time I'll be worried about him is when he gets in there and I'll have to make some good pitches because we know he's a good athlete, but it'll be fun to pitch against Stephen.

"A neat story behind the story that we are buddies and kind of come from the same upbringing."

So San Diego County pride is at stake, not to mention two great pitchers on Major League Baseball's postseason stage.

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