Jones as good as gold

I heard some rumblings earlier today about Orioles center fielder Adam Jones winning a Gold Glove, with the official announcement coming in another week or so. His brother apparently spilled the beans on his MySpace page. My first thought: People still use MySpace? My second thought: He ought to know. I'm told that it's true, which means Jones will be only the second Orioles outfielder to take home the award. Paul Blair won eight of them. Somehow, Jeff Stone kept getting snubbed. Ichiro, Torii Hunter and Grady Sizemore usually have a strangehold on the award, but at least one of them has been kicked to the curb. Meanwhile, Brandon Snyder is 0-for-3 with a walk and strikeout in the AFL's Rising Stars game. Josh Bell, a late selection, has a walk and RBI for the East team.

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