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You can include Juan Samuel, who works with the infielders, among the observers who rank second base as Justin Turner's best position. "To me, his best position from what I've seen is second base," Samuel said. See, I told you. "He's got a good bat and he can turn the double play at second base," Samuel added. "He came up last year and played a little third base for us. I haven't seen him play much at short, but his best position is second base." Shortstop is Turner's third-best position, which is one reason Robert Andino ranked ahead of him in spring training before the Orioles traded for Julio Lugo. As long as I had Samuel's attention, I asked whether he felt that Miguel Tejada deserved an error on that eighth-inning grounder that took a tricky hop. "I think it could have gone either way," Samuel said. "It was unfortunate that they gave him an error, but it could have gone either way. It was a tough play. The ball came up on him." My dinner feels like it's going to do the same thing to me. Maybe ballpark salmon was a bad idea.

The good and the bad (updated)
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