Leftover quotes

Koji Uehara Does it seem like it's been one thing after another? "Everything has been my fault." Same injury as last year? "It's a similar area." Do you think you're trying too hard? "I don't think so, no." Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? "No." How many days can you not be available? "I'm going to have to make my decision soon." Adam Jones On his inside-the-park home run: "Morgan missed the ball and I saw it get away from him and I saw him mad. He threw his glove down and I kept running. "Juan just never stopped me, so I kept on running. I hit it good, I hit it deep, but I didn't think I got it. You saw my reaction. You guys saw the replay more than me. I was like, 'Damn, I got it good, but I just missed it.'" Brad Bergesen "I think I only had one clean inning tonight. It was definitely a battle, never getting that 1-2-3 easy inning except for once. "I really wanted to get back to throwing my sinker a lot more. The scouting report, a lot of these guys they were saying you had to mix, and I think I got a little away from my strength. I just need to get back to what I do best. "It's very frustrating, especially the type of pitcher I am. I try to chew up as many innings as I can. I hate to put the added pressure on the bullpen. Those guys were going out there every single night, so they were tired. So, to have them pick up an extra inning on my behalf, I'm not too happy with that part."

Down on the farm (updated)
Wrapping up a 7-6 loss

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