Lineup changes coming?

Following last night's loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, which might not have actually happened since nobody was there to see it (you know, the ol' tree falling in a forest), manager Dave Trembley suggested that he might shake up the lineup. "Yeah, I probably should do something," Trembley replied when asked if he'd consider it. "You lose your leadoff hitter, that isn't the greatest news in the world when that happens. And then you've probably got eight other guys trying to make up for his loss. Guys are human. Yeah, maybe something, maybe just to show a different look that might get us started. You definitely have to consider something like that." FIrst of all, I want to point out that Trembley already had thought about it. The idea didn't suddenly pop into his head when the reporter posed the question, as if he was thinking, "Hey, now there's an idea!". He just answered in a casual manner. I know fans are rushing to jump him, but you don't need to force it. It's not like the team will be dismantled one week into the season. You want the front office to start searching for trade partners on April 13? (Happy Birthday, Mom. Love you.) Keep Felix Pie atop the order for now. You'll probably want to keep Cesar Izturis at the bottom of it. The rest of the parts are pretty much interchangeable. Luke Scott wants to bat second. Yeah, and I want Salma Hayek. Neither one is going to happen. As always, I'll pass along the lineup to you once it's posted and the media's allowed inside the clubhouse at 3:35 p.m. Maybe we'll see some changes. Better yet, maybe the guys who are supposed to hit will start hitting. Outrageous.

Well, at least the starting pitching has been good
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