Little things mean a lot

I'll pass on the obvious joke here. You're welcome. Luke Scott gave the Orioles a 6-5 lead with a grand slam in the eighth inning. Corey Patterson began the rally with a home run and ended the game with his throw to the plate. Catcher Matt Wieters made a tremendous tag, blocking the plate while reaching far to his right for the ball.
Dave Trembley talks about the O's dramatic 6-5 win over the Mariners
That's the obvious stuff. Now for the little things. Did anyone notice how Nick Markakis slid hard into second base to break up a potential double play on Miguel Tejada's grounder to third, just before Ty Wigginton walked and Scott cleared the bases?
"I hope it didn't go unnoticed and I hope everybody saw it, and I just told Markakis the importance of him playing hard and sliding in there on that double play ball and getting us the extra out in that inning. That was a real big play," manager Dave Trembley said. "Obviously, Luke hits the ball out of the ballpark and Corey throws the potential tying run out at the plate. A lot of other things happened in the game, but a little thing like that is really a team play and tells you what the guys are trying to do." Another key moment was more hidden from view. First base coach John "T-Bone" Shelby, who works with the outfielders, repositioned Patterson in left before the newest Oriole fielded Ichiro Suzuki's two-out single in the ninth and cut down Josh Wilson at the plate. "I'll give Bone a lot of credit," Trembley said. "Bone moved Patterson. Little thing like positioning played a big part. With two strikes, he moved Patterson over and he moved him in a little bit. That seemed to be the difference getting the guy out at the plate."

Luke Scott: "This is why we play the game."
Was it Oriole Magic? (updated with O's win)

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