Mailbag leftovers for breakfast

The last mailbag felt emptied but actually had more to it. I need an umpire to stop by my house and check the bottom for sticky substances.

As everyone knows, there’s nothing worse than a sticky bottom. But I digress …

Let’s do a morning mashup, combining a mailbag with leftovers. Much safer than the two liquids you poured together in chemistry class.

Complaining about the clarity, lengthy, style, grammar or brevity will get you edited right out of here.

Also, my mailbag makes your mailbag use the homer hose for a good cleansing.  

Jorge Mateo is crushing left-handed pitching again, just like last April. What's the plan for keeping him from forgetting how to hit May through October?
Tear out the other pages on his calendar.

Between Corbin Burnes and Grayson Rodriguez, who has more strikeouts at the end of the season?
Oh, good one! It’s gonna be close. Real close. I’ll give G-Rod the edge.

Is he affectionately known as Rubes, Rubey, Dave, David or something else? What is the School of Roch style guide?
I’m playing it safe and going with Mr. Rubenstein.

Why do the O’s seem reluctant to trade for some pitching?
It takes two to tango.

But what about trading for some pitching?
There could have been talks that didn’t progress. John Means is expected back later this month or in early May. They could get an arm closer to the deadline. I don’t think Mike Elias reached a point where he thought, “So, there really is such a thing as too much pitching.”

Was Tyler Wells’ last start a bad start or was it proof he’s not a starter?
Tyler Wells is a starter who also can be a dominant reliever. Makes total sense to try him again in the rotation, especially without Kyle Bradish and John Means. Don’t read too much into Friday night.

Have you met/spoken to Matt Holliday yet?
Yes and yes. Including the interview at Fenway Park before his son’s major league debut. Thanks for reading.

Do you think it’s time the Orioles put “The Crow,” Terry Crowley, in their Hall of Fame?
Long overdue. I don’t get it. Same with Andy Etchebarren. Don’t give up on Crow. It can still happen.

What cap will Connor Norby be wearing by Sept 1, 2024 and what pitcher did we get for him?
Stop trying to trade Norby. I do wonder how he’s going to find a spot here. I also know that the organization really likes his bat and isn’t feeling pressure to deal him. I also know that they could use more pitching. So … I don’t know.

Favorite Crack the Sky song?
Probably “All American Boy,” but I also love “Hot Razors in My Heart,” “Ice,” and “From the Greenhouse.”

Will Jackson Holliday ever hit?
I warned everyone that these were leftovers. He singled yesterday after going 0-for-13. So, to answer your question, yes. A lot. Give the kid some time. He’s had slow starts and busted out. He’ll stop getting in two-strike counts. He’ll get comfortable and challenge Colton Cowser for Rookie of the Year.

Is Colton Cowser shocking you with his hitting?
I can't lie and say that I expected him to hit four home runs in four days and to be batting .441 with a 1.445 OPS, but he's a skilled hitter. What happened to him in the majors last summer didn't define him. He's really good. And that includes his defense and clubhouse presence. A keeper. Hope he didn't leave anything in Norfolk, cause it'll have to be shipped to him.

NY style pizza or Chicago style? You can only choose one.
I’m not a hater but I’d only choose one anyway. Start spreading the word. And the red sauce.

Who wins the most games of all the starters this season?
Wins from a starting pitcher are meaningless. Shame on you. Will you tape the games and watch on your VHS player?  Maybe you can get some takeout from Beefsteak Charlie's. But I suppose Burnes is the safe call.

Do the O's plan on adding a Peter Angelos memorial patch to their uniforms?
No. Otherwise, it would have been visible on Opening Day or during the first homestand. The family requested that the team refrain from wearing a patch.

Does Kyle Bradish reach 20 starts in 2024?
I assume you mean in the majors and aren't counting this week's rehab game in Bowie. I don’t think there’s gonna be enough time. We also must consider how the Orioles will use him and the attempts to give him extra rest. We won’t talk about the other potential deterrent.

When will the Orioles send the bad players to Triple-A and the good players to Baltimore?
It’s an ongoing process. And not every … I’m gonna say “struggling” … player can be sent to Norfolk. The roster won’t stay the same through the rest of the summer. It never does.

What do you think it would take to acquire this kid Joey Ortiz?
Corbin Burnes. Maybe they can get DL Hall, too.

Which minor league starting pitchers are closest to potentially joining the big league team?
Consistent strike throwing from Cade Povich and Chayce McDermott could get them here if there’s room. We’re not counting John Means, right? He’s in Triple-A.

Is meatloaf a casserole?
No, but “All Revved Up With No Place to Go” is my favorite Meatloaf song. And this is probably a good place to stop.

Is your inside source the head custodian? They get all the dirt.
This is definitely a good place to stop.


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