MASN's Dan Kolko runs as Tom in Presidents Race at Nationals Park

The GEICO Presidents Race at Nationals Park has been a fourth-inning staple at Nationals games since the team returned to D.C. in 2005. One of the best aspects of the race is you never quite know what, or who, you're going to get.

There have been many memorable moments in the race over the years: Teddy's first victory, the Easter Bunny's unexpected entrance and the Pirates Pierogies getting a beat down from the Presidents. And last night's race marked the introduction of a new participant.

Yesterday during's live chats with our own Chris Johnson, Nats second baseman Anthony Rendon, MASN's Dan Kolko and the skipper Matt Williams, Dan confirmed reports that he would be making his Presidents Race debut later in the evening.

"Watch out for Tom," Dan said in what was essentially his pre-race interview with Chris Johnson. Dan also said it was Matt Williams' idea for him to run in the race. "You know, I've done the slide and the climbing wall in Milwaukee, I've been petting rays out with the ray tank in Tampa Bay. Matt Williams said the Nats always win when I do these things, so he was like we gotta get you in the Presidents Race."

So leading up to the fourth inning of last night's game against the Rockies, Dan suited up as No. 3 Tom and prepared for his first race.

Dan didn't start the race off bad, trailing only Teddy and Abe out of the gate. But it didn't get much better for MASN Dan as he was quickly passed by George, Bill and Calvin on the warning track in right field, slipping to last place. Even if Dan was able to keep up with the rest of the presidents, there was no stopping Abe, who cruised to an easy victory.

Dan trickled in through the finish line last, but it was the effort that really mattered as it was only his first race. He got the support from Nats fans afterwards on Twitter:

According to the Let Teddy Win blog, the current standings for this year are:

No. 1: Abe - 16
No. 2: Bill - 12
No. 3: George - 11
No. 4: Teddy - 8
No. 5: Calvin - 5
No. 6: Tom - 4
No. 7: Dan Kolko (as Tom) - 0

Maybe after a little offseason training, Dan can come back next year with his first victory.

Check out the video of the entire race below and be sure to tune in to our "Nats Xtra" pregame show at 6:30 p.m. tonight on MASN for a behind-the-scenes video of Dan's participation in the Presidents Race.

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