Meet Matt Wieters

Just as a reminder, Matt Wieters will be at the ESPN Zone on Monday, May 17 to take part in the next Orioles Q&A of the 2010 season. Wieters will answer questions from an Orioles broadcaster, as well as from O's fans, starting at noon on Monday. Following the Q&A, he'll stick around to sign autographs and pose for photos until about 1:00 p.m. So don't miss your chance to get to know Matt Wieters this Monday, and don't forget to grab an autograph before you go. In the meantime, also don't forget that tonight is Fireworks Night at Camden Yards; so stay in your seats after the O's take on the Indians tonight for a fireworks display following the game. 2110-Eutaw-Street-T-Shirt-Design-1.jpg Also before Monday's Matt Wieters Q&A, the first 2110 Eutaw Street promotional day has arrived. On Sunday, May 16, fans can purchase a Eutaw Street bleacher seat for $21. Along with your ticket, you'll also receive a 2110 Eutaw Street T-Shirt and the chance to interact with O's outfielders Nick Markakis and Adam Jones, who will throw baseballs into the stands between innings. In case you haven't seen all five 2110 Eutaw Street T-Shirt designs, you can check them out here - Which design is your favorite?

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