Missing the Orioles

Today is the first day that I've been away from the Orioles since I arrived in Sarasota on Feb. 16, and I'm beginning to experience separation anxiety. I just asked my neighbor how his groin is feeling. I chastised the paper boy for his poor arm slot. I stopped by the Eldersburg bowling alley so I could check how the ball was coming out of someone's hand. I popped in a tape of the last New Year's Eve celebration so I could watch another ball drop. I chose a different chair this morning because I thought it had a stronger arm. I reassigned my daughter to a summer camp. The stranger sitting next to me began eating his lunch and I scolded the waiter for not blocking the plate. I approached a second grader and asked him about the adjustment of moving to third. I interrupted a couple on their honeymoon just so I could see two more people left in scoring position. (Feel free to contribute)

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