More post-game talk

Brian Matusz: "For the most part I was able to battle and get through some tough jams. I just wasn't locating down in the zone as well as I should have. I've just got to make some adjustments and move forward for my next start against the Yankees." That would be Tuesday in the Bronx. Asked about Robinson Cano, Matusz said, "That guy is swinging the bat so well. You see all those hits he had today. They are different pitches in different locations. I left a curveball up. It was back-to-back curveballs and I left it up and he did a good job of just taking care of that. But I thought the next at-bat, I located a fastball down and away pretty well and he almost hit it out of the park. He just got great extension. He's covering the plate on the inside part of the plate and away. He's a tough out. I've got to make some adjustments the next time I face him." That would be Tuesday in the Bronx. Asked about the lack of run support, Matusz said, "Whether we score runs or not, that's nothing that I can control. I've just got to focus on keeping our team in the game and giving our hitters the opportunity to come through with a win." Miguel Tejada: Asked about A.J. Burnett, Tejada said, "You have to give credit to him. He threw a pretty good game. He was just going after everybody. We hit a couple of balls hard, but they were outs. It was one of those days where the pitcher had control. "That guy has so much talent, when he has a day like this, it's hard. He was on his game today. He threw everything he wanted where he wanted. I don't think he missed a pitch. Today was his day." That would be tonight at Camden Yards. Asked about Cano, he said, "He's on a great roll. He's not getting jammed. Everything he hits is hard. Good for him. I hope he continues hitting like this." Asked about Matusz, he said, "It's very impressive. He's facing the Yankees and the lineup that they have, they only scored three runs off him. I was impressed. He's going to be one of the kids who is going to be really good. I think by next year or later this year, he's going to be really good. He's already good, but I think the more he pitches and the more the season is going, I think he'll pitch a good game every time." Maybe Tuesday in the Bronx.

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