Orioles setting spring training standard in Sarasota

During this frigid time of year, people want to escape to the beach, warmer temperatures and sunny skies. One place to escape to is Sarasota, the spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles. Since 2010, the Sarasota County tourism industry has benefited greatly from housing the Orioles during spring training. Davis Wieters Hardy Spring Training Orioles.pngNot only has the county been able to run "Visit Sarasota" ads during O's and Nats games, it has also seen an increase in visitors from the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. And let me tell you, when I walked outside to brave the polar vortex this morning, I wanted nothing more than to drop everything and head for the beach! The Tampa Bay Business Journal broke down how having spring training in Sarasota is mutually beneficial for both the team and for the county. For more on Sarasota's relationship with MASN and the Baltimore Orioles, read more about "Birdland South."

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