Rainy days and Wednesdays

I'm not sure whether the Orioles are depressing me or if I should blame the gray sky and rain. I slept like a baby last night. I woke up crying every two hours. It was tough getting out of bed this morning, and I almost tripped over my bottom lip while trudging down the stairs. I'm actually typing this blog entry from the fetal position. I'll perk up eventually, but I feel like a beaten man. I wrote yesterday how manager Dave Trembley dropped strong hints that a roster move was coming later in this homestand. Yesterday was a reprieve. The Orioles aren't sticking with this 25-man roster. At least one change is coming. I'll keep bringing up Corey Patterson's name until I see him unpacking his bags in the home clubhouse at Camden Yards. He's the guy. It's been obvious for days. Should you be excited? Not if you're reading this blog entry from the fetal position. Nobody is labeling Patterson a savior. He's just considered an upgrade over the collection of outfielders who aren't hitting. You know who's struggling and who has options. You also know, if you caught Trembley's post-game comments last night, that he's concerned about Nolan Reimold's confidence level. It appears to be as low as my enthusiasm. The general consensus in the press box is that Patterson will be in uniform by the time right-hander Felix Hernandez is on the mound for tomorrow afternoon's game. Nice guy, good glove, can run, has a hot bat in Triple-A. Should you be excited? I'm going back to bed.
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