Rays lineup for tomorrow

Jason Bartlett SS Carl Crawford LF Ben Zobrist RF Evan Longoria 3B Carlos Pena 1B B.J. Upton CF Pat Burrell DH Sean Rodriguez 2B Dioner Navarro C James Shields RHP It must seem strange for Orioles manager Dave Trembley to be overseeing a workout on the day that most teams are starting their seasons. "You play the schedule as it's given to you," Trembley said. "Just like I tell people, I wish I was 29 again, 6-3 and had a full head of hair. Not going to happen. No sense crying over spilled milk. No sense conjecturing or crying sour grapes. It is what it is. "We're ready to play tomorrow. Opening Day is tomorrow for us. Best time of the year. You wait all winter for it. Everybody's excited. Anybody who tells you they're not a big Opening Day guy, they don't have blood in their veins. "Yes, I am excited. I am a big Opening Day guy. But I'm a big guy 162, not just Opening Day. Every day is a big day. It just so happens tomorrow is the only Opening Day game of the year, so let's get after it."

Making their pitch (updated)
The Opening Day lineup

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