Returning to the sender

Every game seems to bring a press box debate, or at least a quiet discussion in the interview room before manager Dave Trembley takes a seat behind the microphone. Since I'm not ready to let go of today's victory, I'll pass along how we talked about Seattle third base coach Mike Brumley's decision to send Josh Wilson with two outs in the top of the ninth inning. Patterson-Jones-Markakis_Fi.jpg Left fielder Corey Patterson scooped up Ichiro Suzuki's single and fired the ball to the plate, where catcher Matt Wieters applied the tag to seal a 6-5 win. Should Wilson have been held at third with Chone Figgins on deck? Figgins is batting .185. Alfredo Simon hit a batter, walked another and gave up Suzuki's single. Interesting debate. I think you send the runner and challenge the Orioles to make the play. Trembley felt the same way. "More times than not, two outs, you make the guy throw him out at the plate," Trembley said. "I think it might enter into a little bit different situation if you're the home team, away team, but more times than not you're going to send the guy. You've got to challenge them. "I think it's good baseball on all ends. It just happened to be a little bit better baseball the way it ended up for us today." Wieters, as you know by now, reached for the throw and made the sweeping tag while blocking the plate. "I knew we had a shot with Corey playing in. I knew we had a chance," Wieters said. "He came up and made a good throw in the air, and we were able to keep the tying run from scoring. "I knew it was going to have to be a good, strong throw, and if the throw was accurate and strong we had a shot at it. You've got to assume with two outs, you know they are going to wave him in there, so you just need a good throw. You try to keep the left foot planted so he can't slide in, and then it's just a reach and apply the tag."

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