Reverse split

I'm not sure if it's a distant relative of the famed reverse lock, but I'd qualify what happened yesterday as a "reverse split." I assumed the Twins would take Game 1 behind Francisco Liriano, and the Orioles would win Game 2 behind Kevin Millwood. Then I was reminded that the Orioles don't score runs for Millwood and his latest quality start would be wasted along with all the others. But it sure beats a sweep. Millwood allowed three earned runs in seven innings and Luke Scott showed signs of life with a home run. Otherwise, it's not worth rehashing what happened in the nightcap. After the Orioles were swept in New York, I wrote how I no longer would accept a split in this series. The Orioles needed to take three games. I say they'll do it. In fact, I'll guarantee it. Brian Matusz goes seven innings today and the Orioles beat the Twins. I can feel it in my bones. Maybe it's just the wind. I was fighting it on my walk back to my car in Fells Point. But I'd prefer to think it's something more. I'd prefer to think this road trip will end on a positive note. Matusz gets the win and Simon gets the save.

A few early notes (w/Rowell update)
O's bats silenced Saturday night at Minnesota

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