Ripken reflects on Machado

Cal Ripken has watched first-round pick Manny Machado at Aberdeen and offers the following scouting report on the young shortstop: "I like the size, I like the strength. He made a couple of plays in the field really easy, and I like the way the ball jumped off his bat. He's definitely got some good size to him." A big guy like that can play shortstop? Ripken smiled. "A big guy like that can play shortstop," he replied. "He's got the right frame for a shortstop." Chris Tillman has allowed one run through three innings, a homer by Ben Zobrist. The Orioles have given him a 4-1 lead, the last two runs scoring on Corey Patterson's homer in the bottom of the third after Felix Pie drew his second walk. Tillman's fastball has routinely been clocked at 92 mph. Rays starter Wade Davis had thrown 75 pitches in three innings.

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