Santander's explanation for the glasses, Norfolk's latest offensive barrage

PITTSBURGH – Anthony Santander raced toward the right field line in the second inning yesterday, trying to keep his eyes on the baseball through a hail storm, slammed on the brakes before he overran it and jumped to make the catch. He was camped under it but wasn’t taking any chances.

Santander laughed as he recorded the out. And thankful that he prepared for the elements beyond the frozen precipitation.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it a few times this season, Santander wearing glasses in right field at Camden Yards and PNC Park. His reasons aren’t related to failing vision.

“When it’s windy and it’s cold, my eyes get wet, like crying, and I can’t see really good. It really bothers me,” Santander said.

“Sometimes I use them for hitting, especially when we’re playing in Oakland. There’s a lot of wind and it gets in my eyes. It’s tough to see. So, I’ve got them in my locker just in case.”

Oakland won’t be a problem much longer, with the Athletics playing in Sacramento the next three years before moving the franchise to Las Vegas. But let’s not digress.

Santander knew there could be snow and ice for yesterday’s game, but that’s manageable. He had other worries.

“Hopefully, today it’s not that windy,” he said after arriving at the ballpark.

To be clear, these are not goggles. They aren’t prescription lenses.

“They’re just regular glasses. Not for my vision,” he said.

“I use them to protect me from the wind so my eyes don’t get watery. My eyes can get blurry.”

* Mine get blurry reading the Norfolk Tides’ box scores.

They scored 10 runs in the first inning in Charlotte, which maybe should take some responsibility for the Tides’ offensive barrages. For crying out loud.

Here’s a summary of the top of the first inning:

Jackson Holliday walks
Connor Norby singles
Heston Kjerstad homers (sixth)
Coby Mayo hit by pitch
Kyle Stowers homers (sixth)
Peyton Burdick walks
Nick Maton singles
Michael Pérez singles, Burdick scores
Errol Robinson grounds into force, Maton scores
Holliday walks
(pitching change)
Norby hit by pitch
Kjerstad walks, Robinson scores
Mayo walks, Holliday scores
Stowers grounds out, Norby scores
Burdick pops out

The Tides actually were tied 10-10 after regulation and won 11-10 on Robinson’s RBI single in the 10th.

Norfolk totaled 29 runs in its three-game series against Durham at Harbor Park. It won the first three against Charlotte by scores of 10-6, 26-11 and 9-8.

The Tides lead all of professional baseball with 26 home runs, averaging 3.7 per game.

Kjerstad has at least three RBIs in four straight games, the first player to do so in Orioles affiliate history. But are the Orioles ready for a fifth outfielder?

Not an infielder who also plays the outfield if needed. A corner outfielder and designated hitter from the left side of the plate.

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