Save Nats Park on April 14

Opening day 2010 remains one of the worst, most painful memories for Nationals fans in this team's brief history. When thousands upon thousands of Phillies fans marched into Nationals Park last April and declared it their southern headquarters, Nationals fans were outraged. Phillies fans were unapologetic about their stunt, suggesting that if Nationals fans truly cared about their team, they'd show up night after night. This season, Nationals fans have an opportunity to drown out those Phillies chants. Several groups will be busing Phillies fans into the District for the April 14 game against the Nationals. But Nationals fans are encouraged to purchase tickets pre-emptively to counter the invasion. Nationals fan David Huzzard took to Twitter and YouTube to encourage Nationals fans to "save Nats Park" using the hashtag #SaveNatsParkApril14. "Nats fans should get out to the park that day and if they have friends or family members that don't normally go to games, that is the game to take them to," Huzzard said. "This is a matter of pride as a fanbase and as a community. What I really want is for my hometown to stand up and say that they will not let other communities come down here and walk all over us. The best way to keep Phillies fans out of the ballpark is to have Nats fans in the ballpark." Predictably, Huzzard received backlash from the Phillies' fanbase, but he insists that reaction from Nationals fans is overwhelmingly positive. He encourages business leaders to use the game as an opportunity to entertain clients or reward employees. Fans can begin purchasing single game tickets to this game and all regular season games on Thursday, March 3 at 10 a.m. at

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