Setting up shop at Busch Stadium

ST. LOUIS - Hello from Busch Stadium, where both the Nationals and Cardinals will spend today taking part in team workouts in advance of tomorrow's NLDS opener between the two teams. They've done some quick work around here getting the stadium ready for playoff baseball. Bunting is hanging from the facade of all the different decks, (there's bunting everywhere) and Major League Baseball's postseason logo has been painted on the grass down both the first and third base lines. I'll admit that I wasn't nearly prepared enough for the weather conditions here. It's pretty chilly, to the point that the majority of the Cardinals players on the field now for their workout have postseason hoodies on over their normal team apparel. You won't find me complaining about the elements, or at least not yet. I love October baseball weather. The sun isn't an issue today as we've got overcast skies, but it could be over the next two. Like at Nats Park, they can have serious sun issues here at Busch Stadium during afternoon games. In D.C., the "Sun Monster" affects the outfielders; here in St. Louis, shadows and a bright backdrop in center field can make it really difficult for batters to pick up the ball. They're calling for sunny skies each of the next two days, and we've got two afternoon games ahead of us. (And likely more to follow in D.C., given that the Yankees will probably snag the primetime windows more often than not.) The Nats will take the field around 4 p.m. today for their workout, but we'll meet with manager Davey Johnson and tomorrow's Nats starter, Gio Gonzalez, in a bit. I'll have plenty of notes and quotes throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

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