Showalter time

I'm loading up my car and heading back to Sykesville so I can change clothes and head to Baltimore for Buck Showalter's noon press conference at Camden Yards. Sounds like a plan. I've never dealt with Showalter, never had a single conversation with him, and have no idea how he interacts with the media. He's been one of us at ESPN, which could prove beneficial in establishing a relationship. Maybe he's developed more patience over the years. I pointed out the obvious yesterday, that the Orioles won't undergo a miraculous turnaround under Showalter during the final two months of the season. They won't suddenly contend for the wild card. Disney won't make a movie about this season. However, Showalter can make an impact. He can leave his fingerprints all over this team. Maybe he can point it in the right direction. What changes would you like to see implemented under Showalter? Is there one that comes to mind? More than one? I'll check out your suggestions once I'm back home. Also, don't forget you can watch today's press conference live on MASN and at

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"This team doesn't know what's going to hit them."

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