Slammin' into the second half of the season with Maryland Lottery's Home Run Riches Second-Chance Contest

Baseball is back for the second half of the Orioles' 2018 season following the All-Star break and so is the opportunity for fans to become the next Maryland Lottery Contestant of the Game! The Maryland Lottery awarded a total of $100,500 for the 111 home runs scored by the Orioles during the first half of the 2018 season. With one more drawing this season, there's still a chance for you to win!

The Orioles kicked off this month by hitting four home runs in their game versus the Angels on July 1, which meant Manoj Ghimire of Glen Burnie, Md., won $2,500! For your chance to win, purchase a Home Run Riches scratch-off ticket from the Maryland Lottery - you could win up to $50,000 instantly! However, if you're not a lucky winner, you still have a shot at becoming a Maryland Lottery Contestant of the Game. Simply enter your non-winning Home Run Riches scratch-offs through the Maryland Lottery's My Lottery Rewards program by the 11:59 p.m. deadline on Aug. 27 for the Aug. 28 drawing. Once you create a rewards account, enter the ticket codes from your non-winning scratch-offs and you'll be automatically entered into the contest.

Those who are chosen will win $500 for being selected, plus an additional $500 for every home run hit by an Orioles player during that game! For more information and rules be sure to visit the Maryland Lottery's website.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.56.10 PM.pngDanielle Williams of Dundalk, Md., was the most recent winner of the Home Run Riches Scratch-off, winning the top prize of $50,000!

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