Strasburg ready for next step in Syracuse

The next step in Stephen Strasburg's seemingly meteoric rise is Syracuse as he gets a chance to see what he can do at the Triple-A level. Jason Benetti, play-by-play announcer for the Chiefs, sat down with Strasburg as he arrived in Syracuse and asked him how his life has changed since being selected as the #1 overall selection. "Oh, obviously there are a lot more people watching me," Strasburg said. "I never knew this would happen so fast. I am learning along the way." What did Tony Gwynn, his college coach at San Diego State, tell him about playing in the big leagues? "Bottom line is he always told me the game is the same up here as it is in college as it is in high school, for that matter." "It moves a little bit faster out there. You know if you have the talent and ability and can pick it up you will do fine." "He reminded me that what would you rather be, a guy batting .250 and have nobody talk to me or a guy batting .350 and have everybody talk to you. So obviously I am not batting either, but I can relate that to pitching." ------------------------- I am getting the chance to host Nats Xtra this weekend with Ray Knight, be sure to stop by the center field set and say "hello". There is something very special about being able to host the show on location at Nats Park, the energy of the stadium and the chance to see what the fans have to say about the Nats really adds to the broadcast. I am looking forward to see how the Nats can do during this critical stretch of N.L. East games.

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