Swept away (with Trembley post game video)

Swept by the Toronto Blue Jays. It's painful to type, it's painful to read. And it makes me want to burn my pocket schedule - while it's still in my pocket. Three home games with Tampa, followed by a West Coast trip that ends in Boston (I guess Adrian Beltre was right about Boston being on the West Coast.) Three home games against the Yankees and three against the Red Sox, the last two taking us into May. Anyone want to project the Orioles' record as they head to Yankee Stadium?
Dave Trembley talks with the media about the O's 5-2 loss to the Blue Jays

Swept by the Toronto Blue Jays. This was supposed to be the get-healthy series after losing two of three at Tropicana Field. The Blue Jays are widely picked to finish last in the division. None of their starters for this series had "Halladay" stitched across the back of their jerseys. Get healthy? The leadoff hitter is going on the disabled list - the official announcement will come tomorrow, but it's happening - the closer isn't closing and the hitters aren't hitting in the clutch. Nick Markakis twice took called third strikes today - once with Adam Jones on third base and none out. Markakis usually has a keen eye for the strike zone, but he needed to remove the bat from his shoulder. Cla Meredith, the sinkerball pitcher, allowed his second home run of the season. Matt Wieters led off the ninth with a single, and Ty Wigginton swung at the next pitch and grounded into a double play. At least it only took 2:22 for the Blue Jays to complete their sweep. If it's going to be painful, at least make it quick. That's what...never mind. "Well, let's get this bad streak out of the way and start a winning streak tomorrow," manager Dave Trembley said. I thought it was supposed to start on Friday. No way you can second-guess Trembley for keeping Kevin Millwood in the game. If Miguel Tejada doesn't make that two-out error in the eighth, Millwood is taking a 2-1 lead into the ninth. Maybe he loses it. Maybe he gets the last three outs. We'll never know. "When things aren't going right for you and you give the other team a four-out inning, that's what happens," Trembley said. "That's what happened today. We gave them a four-out inning with a guy who pitched a tremendous game." Are the hitters pressing? If so, I have a pair of pants and a couple shirts in my suitcase that could use it. I still haven't unpacked. "Everybody wants to do well," Trembley said. "This isn't the kind of start that anybody wanted. You come home after being in spring training for as long as we were, on the road, you get in here and you're received so warmly, and you want to win games and you kick some games that you're ahead late and you lose. I think it's only natural that you start trying to do maybe a little more than you should be doing because you want to do well. That's not how it goes. You've just got to relax and be confident. It's a tough game. You take nothing for granted. You get this bad streak out of the way early in the season and let's start a winning streak tomorrow." Swept by the Toronto Blue Jays. Wrong streak.

Tejada talks about his error in the 8th
Strasburg line in Harrisburg debut

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