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Tigers Woods and his wife requested that police delay interviewing them about "the accident" until today. I didn't know you could do that. The next time I'm pulled over for a traffic violation, I'm going to request that the officer hold off writing the ticket until later. Give me some time to collect my thoughts. Somewhere, John Daly is breathing a huge sigh of relief (and destroying a breakfast burrito). For once, it isn't him. So who's backing up Dennis Dixon tonight? Cliff Stoudt? Terry Hanratty? No, it's Tyler Palko, which makes me wonder if there was a veteran quarterback available who might have been a better choice. If the Ravens don't win this game, they should just close shop and wait for mini camp. I'm taking the Texans and Patriots. No more undefeated teams. I'll be on the road for the next three hours as I head home from Ocean Pines. I'll pose a question and check back later for your responses: Who should be the next commissioner of baseball? One reader suggested Frank Robinson, but he's 74. Age might be a factor here. One thing is certain: He'd command respect among the owners. I'll nominate Andy MacPhail. As I suggested yesterday, the commissioner's job appeared to be part of his career path from the moment he became the Orioles' president of baseball operations. Wayne Krivsky, currently a special assistant, would likely succeed MacPhail if Bud Selig stepped down tomorrow, but it's hard to predict what will happen in 2012.
Selig's days numbered?
Countdown to Indy

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