Thursday morning Nats Q&A

Can you believe a month has passed since the end of the Nationals' season? (Though, to be fair, it doesn't feel nearly as long as the last month of the Nats' season felt, am I right?)

Having stayed quiet throughout October as the baseball world was focused on the postseason, the Nationals now are getting to work on an offseason that could produce some dramatic changes to the organization on the ownership front while simultaneously producing very little change to a roster that still has plenty of needs. The moves so far (re-signing Sean Doolittle to a minor-league deal, declining Nelson Cruz's $16 million option) haven't come as much surprise. Perhaps there will be something unexpected as things progress.

Despite the lack of hard news, you surely have plenty of questions you'd like to ask. And I've got some time this morning to attempt to answer them to the best of my ability. As always, submit your questions in the comments section below, then check back for my replies throughout the morning ...

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