Tillman talks

The Gwinnett Braves supplied quotes from Chris Tillman, who threw a no-hitter tonight for Triple-A Norfolk. On ranking the accomplishment among his career highlights: "It's high up there, I think this may be No. 1. I had one other game where I came pretty close, but nothing to this extent. I think getting called up to the big leagues was definitely a huge thing last year and that probably sticks out more to me as that has been my goal my whole life. This is what I'm here for, just trying to get back there." "My team did a great job behind me. Early in the game there was a great play in center field and the catcher did a great job with some of the pitches. We were on the same page for the most part." On his mindset: "I was just working on things here. I was working on my fastball command, on that cutter, on throwing that curveball for strikes. I think it all fell together tonight." "I didn't realize what was going on until about the fifth or sixth inning. Once I realized what was happening, I started noticing everyone scooting down on the bench and no one would sit next to me." On the pressure: "My team did a good job of keeping me upbeat. The whole game my team kept joking around with me and I think that helped make it easier."

Trembley talks about the loss and Tillman's no-no
Three outs to go (Tillman throws no-hitter!)

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