Time of game: 5 hours, 47 minutes (updated)

That's just a prediction. The Orioles and Tigers are entering the bottom of the second inning. That's it. More than an hour since the first pitch, and it's the bottom of the second. Kevin Millwood is out of the game after one inning and five runs, but he won't be tagged with the loss. The Orioles rallied to take a 6-5 lead and knock out Tigers rookie left-hander Andy Oliver by scoring five times in the top of the second. Oliver is charged with all six runs (five earned), though two scored as he sat on the bench. Ty Wigginton doubled off reliever Eddie Bonine to tie the game, and Nick Markakis raced home on a wild pitch. Wigginton broke 2-for-38 and 4-for-46 slumps with that double. Good news: Magglio Ordonez's long fly ball with a runner on first base hooked foul. Bad news: Corey Patterson never saw the ball until it bounced in the seats. Update: Is it too late to increase my time prediction? The Tigers scored three runs off Mark Hendrickson in the bottom of the second. The teams have combined for 14 runs, 13 hits and 12 outs. Is that good? It's 95 degrees and Koji Uehara is warming in the bullpen. Is that good?

Koji's latest (& 2 Tillman updates)
Funny how things change (updated)

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