Welcome Matt to the cleanup spot

This might comes as a total shock to many of you, but the lineup was the primary topic in manager Dave Trembley's pre-game media session. No lie. "Let's do what we can to get the offense started and score some runs," he said. "Changing it up is a good idea. Change the routine a little bit." Trembley won't commit to batting Miguel Tejada second, Matt Wieters fourth and Adam Jones fifth for an extended period. He's taking it on a game-by-game basis. In fact, you can expect Craig Tatum to make his first start tomorrow afternoon. Talking specifically about Wieters, Trembley said, "He's swinging the bat good for us. He gives us some flexibility in the middle. He's a switch-hitter. See how it works out. If it works out, it looks great. If it doesn't, you can all ask me why I did it. Let's see if it works first. Then I'll look like a genius. If it doesn't, then you can say I'm Elmer Fudd or something. Who knows? "You have to give people opportunities. You have to show confidence in them. Wieters is not unlike any other guy I've had who's had a great deal of ability. And the guys who have a great deal of ability, from what I've seen over the years, the more you give them, the better they are. They're able to handle it. I would think everybody who's followed the game for as long as you all have would agree on that basic principle. "The good ones have a way of rising to the occasion. They don't change, but it just gives them a little, maybe, shot in the arm. They like being the guy. And Wieters impresses me in a different kind of way. He's not boastful, he doesn't attract a lot of attention to himself. But he's a very important guy around here, so let's give him a chance. Let's see what we've got. You'll never know unless you give people an opportunity. Lord knows I can attest to that, and I'm sure all of you can, as well. And we're about giving people opportunities who we feel can handle it. And I'm confident Wieters can handle it. And I'm confident there are some other guys who can handle it. "Maybe it's because it's T-shirt Tuesday and it's Wieters' T-shirt night. Somebody come up with some slogan there and sell that in the stands or on the corner. It has nothing to do with it. I'm no genius. If it works, great. If we win the game and score a bunch of runs, hey, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. If it doesn't, I understand the flipside. Never going to hurt unless you try. "

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