Well, if you take away the home runs... (updated)

Ichiro Suzuki, Mike Sweeney and Michael Saunders had combined for one home run in 185 at-bats before today's game. They each took Kevin Millwood deep in the right-hander's 6 2/3 innings. That'll leave a mark. Saunders raised his season's total to two and knocked out Millwood, who has been replaced by Mark Hendrickson with the Orioles trailing, 5-1. Suzuki was a lifetime .394 hitter vs. Millwood before today, including one home run in 71 at-bats. Millwood has surrendered 10 homers this season, including three in an April 11 game against Toronto. Meanwhile, the Orioles have three hits off Felix Hernandez, including Corey Patterson's double leading off the sixth. He made it as far as third base with one out. Update: Corey Patterson has a double and home run today. He connected off Mariners reliever Brandon League to begin the bottom of the eighth.

Groundhog Day for Millwood
A lost lead and reliever

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