Wieters and Jones talk about the RISP stat

The stat that keeps rearing its ugly head did again for the Orioles last night. They went 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position and today a couple of players talked about the lack of hitting in those key situations. "Is it tougher? (hitting in those spots)," Adam Jones repeated the question. "You've just go to be more selective. It's baseball, the opposition is trying to get you out and they're succeeding now. "We have so much scouting today and technology to keep people in slumps. Pitchers learn how to pitch around stuff. That's baseball, you get hot, you get cold. "We play 162. They were talking about it on ESPN. If you play football, you have a full week to think about it. In baseball, we have 24 hours to think about it. So, yesterday's game is gone." Jones is batting .200 with runners in scoring position and threw his batting helmet after hitting into a double play last night in the 8th inning. "Of course, I wouldn't have thrown it if I wasn't (frustrated)," Jones said. I asked Matt Wieters if it can be tougher to hit in a clutch situation. "Hitting is hitting. The pitcher may focus more and try to make tougher pitchers on you. The key to hitting is getting a good pitch to hit and hitting it hard. "I don't think it's hovering over the guys in here. We've got guys who have produced in the past. Soon, we will get some big hits," Wieters said. But is a .221 team average with RISP, next to last in the AL, just heaping more pressure on the hitters? "You can't think of it as a different situation. It's hitting. You want to be the guy up in that situation and need to get yourself in a mode where you want to be up there. Once you get to the plate, you can't do something out of your comfort level. "When your team is struggling, everyone wants to be the guy to do it. Sometimes you have to find a way to turn it over to the guy behind and have the confidence that he will do the job." Wieters is batting .222 with runners in scoring position while Jones said all the hitters want to be the one to get this offense going. "I think they do, because everyone wants to succeed. It's just a frustrating game that is tough, if it was easy everyone would do it.

Time of press conference: 28 minutes, 49 seconds
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