2020 Nationals fall instructional league roster and schedule

MASNsports.com has obtained a copy of the Nationals' official fall instructional league 65-player roster for 2020.

Thumbnail image for Rutledge-Throws-San-Jacinto-Sidebar.jpgPlayers in attendance whom MLBPipeline.com lists as top Nats prospects include pitchers Jackson Rutledge, Cade Cavalli, Tim Cate, Mason Denaburg, Cole Henry, Andry Lara, Eddy Yean, Matt Cronin and Seth Romero, who is on a major league rehab assignment with a broken right hand.

Top 20 rated Nats position players on hand: first baseman Drew Mendoza, shortstop/third baseman Yasel Antuna, outfielder Jeremy De La Rosa, shortstop Jackson Cluff, catcher Israel Pineda, outfielder Roismar Quintana, right-handers Joan Adon, Tyler Dyson and Reid Schaller.

The players reported last Wednesday in West Palm Beach, Fla., and their first workout was Saturday. Their first intrasquad game against the Marlins is Oct. 6 and runs to Oct. 24. 12 contests are scheduled, six at home and six on the road, with most game starting at 1 p.m. Instructional league closes Oct. 28. The Nats coaching and training personnel numbers 34, including all coordinators and player development staff.


RHP Joan Adon
RHP Tomas Alastre
LHP Pablo Aldonis
RHP Mirton Blanco
RHP Zach Brzykcy
LHP Tim Cate
RHP Cade Cavalli
LHP Matt Cronin
RHP Mason Denaburg
RHP Tyler Dyson
LHP Jose Ferrer
RHP Steven Fuentes
RHP Niomar Gomez
RHP Angel Guillen
RHP Cole Henry
LHP Alfonso Hernandez
RHP Jake Irvin
RHP Andrew Karp
RHP Gabe Klobosits
LHP Lucas Knowles
RHP Andry Lara
LHP Evan Lee
LHP Mitchell Parker
RHP Todd Peterson
RHP Holden Powell
RHP Orlando Ribalta
RHP Carlos Romero
LHP Seth Romero*
RHP Jackson Rutledge
RHP Bryan Sanchez
RHP Reid Schaller
RHP Karlo Seijas
RHP Jackson Terreault
RHP Edward Ureña
RHP Eddy Yean


Geraldi Diaz
Mason Doolittle
Brady Lindsly
Ivan Murzi
Wilmer Perez
Israel Pineda
Ray Torres


Yasel Antuna
J.T. Aruda
Jake Boone
Jackson Cluff
Gio Diaz
Leandro Emiliani
Juan Garcia
Samuel Infante
Junior Martina
Drew Mendoza
Viandel Peña
Jose Sanchez
Quade Tomlin


Andry Arias
Gage Canning
Justin Connell
Jeremy De La Rosa
Braian Fernandez
Jorge Hurtado
Daniel Marte
Ricardo Mendez
Roismar Quintana
Jake Randa
Cody Wilson

*MLB rehab

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