A few questions for O's fans

Sometimes our fine readers ask me questions in the comments section, and I enjoy trying to answer most of them or form an opinion to pass along. Today is one of those days I ask the questions and seek answers and opinions from the readers.

Welcome to our first offseason edition of “A few questions for O’s fans.”

Feel free to answer all the questions and provide feedback and comments on the opinions of other readers as well.

On to today’s questions:

Is O’s biggest need a frontline pitcher or hitter? Give reasons for your answer.

* Should the O’s pick up Jordan Lyles' option for 2023? Why or why not?

* Which player will make the most starts at shortstop next year?

* Will the Orioles make the playoffs next year? If you believe they miss out, what are some reasons for that?

* Which pitcher will lead the 2023 Orioles in starts?

* Which hitters will lead the 2023 Orioles in homers?

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