A time for sharing

I'd like to step outside the MLB rumor mill for a few seconds and point out that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim voted a full postseason share to the estate of Nick Adenhart, the rookie pitcher who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in April. A press release from MLB reported that a full share for the champion New York Yankees totaled a record $365,052.73, while the runner-up Philadelphia Phillies received $265,357.50. The value of each full share for the Angels came to $138,038.51. The Yankees' haul eclipsed the previous mark of $362,173.07 per full share for the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals. They received $21.27 million and split it among 46 full shares, 12.25 partial shares and two cash awards. In case you're wondering how this works, the players' pool is formed from 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of the League Championship series and the World Series. It's divided among 12 clubs: the World Series participants, the League Championship Series and Division Series runners-up, and the four regular-season second-place clubs that weren't wild card participants. The reporters who blog for the last-place teams continue to be stiffed.

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