An unwritten rule? (updated)

So is it wrong to break up a no-hitter by laying down a bunt in the fourth inning? Too soon? Ben Zobrist is guilty of doing it, and that's the only hit for the Rays through the sixth. Brian Matusz is dealing tonight. It's cold, it's damp, it's far from perfect baseball weather, and he either hasn't noticed or is just ignoring it. Matusz struck out the first two batters in the fifth on changeups. Dioner Navarro swung at a slider and hit a weak bouncer to the mound. Everything is working for Matusz except the Orioles' offense, which has produced only one run. Matt Wieters celebrated his T-shirt night with an RBI, but it came on a slow roller after the Orioles loaded the bases with one out in the third. They stranded two runners in scoring position in the fourth. They needed to break open the game early, but once again failed to deliver a big hit. Perhaps Matusz can ignore that, as well. Update: Or he can congratulate Ty Wigginton after a two-run homer in the sixth. Orioles 3, Rays 0.

You had to see it coming (updated twice)
Matusz on the mound (with updates)

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