Bergesen talks about his injury

Brad Bergesen talked with reporters a few moments ago in the O's clubhouse. He left today's game after seven innings. On the last out he recorded he took a line shot off his left shin and he limped off the field. "It hurts pretty bad. When it first happened, I didn't know what happened at first. When I got into the dugout, I fell down, I thought it was broken. The pain was bad, I wanted to throw up. "I took the X-ray and there was no break on there. Hopefully there isn't. They say worst-case scenario a hairline fracture sometimes doesn't show up for a couple of days because of the swelling. I'm going to be real optimistic about it right now. In 24 hours, we'll have a much better idea. "When I got down there it was bad. I thought it had snapped or cracked. I fell down in that little area just inside the dugout. I was biting down on my tongue, I thought for sure it was broken. "Right then, I was glad to get out of there with just one run and Billy Butler up. He's such a hot hitter, he scorched that ball. Right now I'm thinking I'm lucky I got and two more runs didn't score." As for his outing today, that went well, one run allowed over seven innings. "The first inning I left some balls up and got away with some pitches. After that I got into a good groove from the third inning on."
Bergesen pitches O's past Royals, 7-3
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