Can the starters go deep?

Among many keys to the Orioles getting off to a good start this year is this one - can the starters pitch deep into games to rest the bullpen and keep the pen pitchers in their planned roles? O's manager Dave Trembley hopes the staff will follow Kevin Millwood's lead in that regard. "Millwood did that for us and that's why we got him at the top of the rotation. He needs to set that tone for everyone. You want your guys to go deeper, but common sense has to prevail. "You have to look at pitches, how many they throw and how hard they work, you know, common sense elements to me. "I think the message was given by Kranitz in spring. The guys know we won't be so quick to pull them out of games if they look like they still have their stuff. But we have to do what we have to do to win the games. But you can't kill your bullpen in April and May." The three O's starters vs. Tampa pitched a combined 16 1/3 innings, throwing a combined 292 pitches and working to an ERA of 3.86. The media here at Opening Day has yet to get to interview players today as they are taking batting practice now. We hope to have some pre-game quotes a little later.
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