Clubhouse quotes after the loss to Tampa

Here are some of the post-game comments from the O's clubhouse after the 5-1 loss at home to Tampa. The O's fall to 1-6 for the first time since 2002. Nick Markakis of the frustration on not scoring a lot of runs so far: "It's not fun, it sucks. Overall, our pitching is doing a great job. Our offense needs to pick it up. I know for myself in the three hole I need to be more aggressive and get things going. "We all need to relax, it's a long season. No, it's not the way we wanted to start, but keep battling and things will start going our way eventually." Nick-Markakis_Home-Batting-Tall.jpg Markakis on his 3 for 21 start at the plate: "I'm seeing the ball great. I think it's a timing issue right now. Some people never lose their timing, some it takes time to get back. I think I am one of the guys that needs a good bit of at bats under my belt and see the pitching. It doesn't help the guys they are throwing at us but we'll see them all year and we're going to battle all year." Markakis on the small crowd, did it bother the players? "No, not at all. We still have to go out and play. I could care less if there is nobody in the stands. You have to go out and play and can't worry about that kind of stuff." Jeremy Guthrie on the starters pitching well so far: "I think we've come out and thrown the ball relatively well the first seven starts for us. That's important. Tonight was another indicator also of how good we are playing defensively. "A great throw by Felix. He and Adam covered a lot of ground out there. Miggi turns a nice double play, so we are doing a lot of good things defensively that is helping the pitching." Guthrie on getting more movement on his pitches this year: "Any movement I have is a change from the arm slot. Today I didn't feel I had as consistent movement that I had in Tampa, nor did I have as good location. But overall, I feel much more confident throwing fastballs than I did at any point last year because of more movement. "I'm 0-2, last year I was 2-0. Maybe I finish 17 and 10 and it's a big happy party at the end of the season. You just try to stay positive." Ty Wigginton on being cut down on the bases in the seventh inning: "It was a ball in the dirt and I saw it kicked away. Immediately as a first base runner you look at the runner on second base. I saw Luke break. As he broke I put my head down to run. I peeked back and when I looked back up I guess Luke retreated and that's where we ran into that."

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