District 34 podcast: Nats still recovering during final playoff push

Long time no see, Nationals fans! Sorry for the hiatus over the past couple of weeks, but have no fear, we are finally back with a new episode of the District 34 podcast!

The Nationals' magic number to clinch the National League East is down to 10, so they can theoretically clinch their second straight division title within a week. That's quite an accomplishment considering how many injuries this ballclub has endured throughout the season.

Byron Kerr and I run through the injury list and discuss how important it is for the Nats to start getting some of these guys back and who may not be back. While there is no recent update on the status of Bryce Harper, do we think the MVP candidate will be back this season and if so, when?

District-34-sidebar.jpgAlso, with all the injuries, we give some props to the guys who have stepped up in place of the injured regulars. Guys like Wilmer Difo, Edwin Jackson, Howie Kendrick, etc., deserve a lot of credit for keeping this team not just afloat, but winning when starters hit the disabled list.

And finally, we look at the remaining couple of weeks and try to figure out how Dusty Baker will keep his team motivated after clinching the NL East through the start of the playoffs.

Top cap it all off, we want to hear from you. With the postseason a month way, how would you like to see the Nationals formulate their playoff roster, considering all the injuries, who has surprisingly impressed and the way bullpens are managed in October? Let us know in the comment section below and reach the two of us on Twitter at @Bobby_Blanco and @masnKerr.

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