Does MacPhail move too slowly in free agency?

Here is a question that will probably make Andy MacPhail's critics, and some feel that is a large list, move front and center. Do you feel that MacPhail moves too slowly in dealing with free agents? For those critics, I just lobbed a softball that they can hit out of the park. But one thing I have come to realize over the years, first as a talk-show host and now as a blogger is this - the fans that jam the phone lines and message boards don't represent everyone. Andy-MacPhail_Close.jpg Because many readers or callers to a show express one opinion doesn't mean all fans feel that way or even that the majority of them do. And a lot of fans seem to feel MacPhail moves too slowly and is way too conservative in much of his decision making, including this time of year in dealing with free agency. Is he prudent and thorough or just too slow on the uptake? I sense there are plenty of fans out there that like how MacPhail has handled his time with the Orioles and feel his sometimes conservative approach is the prudent one to take. It's not a race to sign the first free agent. It's about improving your team and making decisions now that will help the club today and for years down the road. MacPhail is old school in that he doesn't tip off the media often as to what he is really thinking and unlike some GM's, is not likely to leak info to see how it is received by the fans. I think he has been in the game long enough and is secure enough with his career and future that he doesn't let fan sentiment or any columnist with an opinion impact him in any way. That is how it should be. He does seem to take time to make decisions, but often that is the proper course to take. If there is a deadline day to make a move, any move, you can bet he will probably take his time and go right to the deadline before announcing his decision. He got some criticism for moving slowly in hiring Buck Showalter and some wondered why he didn't get Showalter in place sooner. But wasn't MacPhail's timing perfect. He let the trade deadline pass and brought in Buck at a time when some injured players were returning. His first few weeks on the job were against a mostly non-AL East schedule. It would be hard to criticize the timing of that move now. Sometimes, slow, steady and deliberate can win the race.
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