During a trying season, Reimold turned to Brady for help

Nolan Reimold admits he had reached a real low point in his season. Expecting to be an every day player in the Orioles lineup, instead he was the regular left fielder in Norfolk. And he was struggling badly at bat. His average was low and so were his spirits. He needed someone, anyone to reach out to for some advice, tips or anything that could get his bat going. He was given the phone number of former Orioles outfielder Brady Anderson. "I had his number for two weeks and then just finally hit rock bottom. I was probably, 0 for 30 at the time. It was after an 0 for 4 day and on an off day I was flying to Florida to see my daughter and I texted him. He flew out the next week "I started to feel more dangerous at the plate right away. I'd go up to the plate and feel like I couldn't hit the ball out of the infield at certain points. He got me swinging the right way. The first series that he was there, we worked one day and the next day I hit a home run and double." Reimold, to say the least, was impressed with Anderson and his tutelage and said Brady showed him some technical, mechanical-like things with his swing and it helped. He plans to meet with Brady several times during this off season and plans to fly out to work with Brady a few times in California. Of course, offense is only half the game. Will Reimold remain in left field? Is first base in his future? I asked for his take and if he thought he could be moving to first base. "I don't know. I played it down in Norfolk when Snyder was on the DL. When he came back, I didn't see first base again. So, I don't know what they are thinking. I like playing there, I don't mind it. If they want me to work there, just let me know and I'll get all my work in there," Reimold said. If you missed my blog earlier today with more Nolan info and quotes, click here.

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