Gary Thorne hosting "Hide a Book Day" at Oriole Park on Sept. 18

books-600.pngMASN broadcaster Gary Thorne may just be one of the most interesting men in the world.

The longtime play-by-play man, who was recently inducted into the UMaine Sports Hall of Fame, is known for his illustrious sports broadcasting career.

But beyond the box, there are so many other interesting facts about Thorne. Sit down and chat with him for a few minutes, and you'll learn so much about him, from the fact that he wanted to be an FBI agent to his journey in law school.

However, his greatest passion of all may just be reading. Thorne goes through about a book a week, keeps books on his nightstand, frequents local libraries and always takes plenty of books when traveling with the team.

His passion for reading is what inspired his weekly blog on, naturally titled "Hitting the Books." You can check it out here. (Get it? Library pun.)

Although reading tends to be a solitary activity, Thorne makes it inclusive by inviting fellow broadcasters to discuss their favorite books and interacting with commenters on the blog.

gary-thorne-library.jpgSo when the idea of sharing some of his all-time favorite reads with some (unsuspecting) fans came up, Thorne was 100 percent on board.

Inspired by Goodreads' "Hide a Book Day," Thorne will be hiding copies of his favorite books around the ballpark before the Orioles' game against the Red Sox on Monday, Sept. 18. Be sure to get to the park early and look around the lower bowl seats, Dempsey's Brew Pub & Restaurant and other secret locations to see if you find a hidden copy signed by Thorne himself.

If you do, then get reading! Even if you're not one of the lucky few to stumble upon a book, be sure to check out his blog to catch up on all of the recommendations and then start hitting the books!

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