Gonzalez on the boos: "I understand it."

Can a season start worse for a closer? Two blown saves in four games for Mike Gonzalez and a 1-3, not 3-1 start for the Orioles. Gonzalez was booed loudly after blowing the save in the home opener. But he was also booed on his way into the game as fans remembered his opening night struggles too. "I understand it obviously. They brought me here for a reason. That was to close games and get the job done. That's twice I've done it in a row and I understand their frustration," Gonzalez said. "If I go out there and get ten or 11 in a row, I won't hear the boos anymore. Now it's cheers. That doesn't get under me. I repeat myself, but it's just about the team. I'm frustrated that these guys are playing very good baseball. I'm the one that needs to step up and get it done also." Gonzalez insists he is not injured or limited in any way when pitching. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Stuff feels good, just throwing balls. "More than anything right now, I've just got some built up energy. I want to go out there and get it done and I want to do it at the best possible rate. I really need to sit back and say 'they got me for a reason.' "The reason was I've been doing this for the last six years. I've been successful. I just need to keep that same mindset, instead of trying to overdo what I can. I'm good enough with what I have."

Closing remarks
The boo birds rang down

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