How will the players react to Showalter taking over?

So what happens if an Oriole player decides to jog down the first-base line tonight on a routine grounder to short? Does Buck Showalter yank him from the game or is it just part of his evaluation process and does he make a mental note of it and address it later or out of sight of the media and the cameras? You would think a player dare not show any lack of hustle tonight or any night really, the rest of this season. Some fans I talk with can almost stomach all this losing (I said almost) but it seems to drive them crazy if they sense or feel the players don't get as upset as they do over the losing. Adam-Jones_Black-Tall-Cropped.jpg That may not be true and probably isn't, but some fans feel that way. We are all waiting to see how the players react with new manager Buck Showalter taking over tonight and will we even notice a difference, either in the short term or over the next two months? Showalter has a couple of things working for him with the players that previous managers like Dave Trembley, Juan Samuel and Sam Perlozzo didn't have. A track record of Major League managing success and contract security. Unlike some of his predecessors, Showalter could look at almost any player in that clubhouse and say, 'I'll be here longer than you will.' He seems to have made a long-term commitment to the franchise and Baltimore and he has gotten a three-year contract in return that runs through 2013. After most of the 73 losses this year we have heard comments from the skipper and clubhouse many nights about how well the other pitcher threw the ball, how the other team and not the O's got the timely hits and how the O's battled and didn't quit. That gets old after the first 10 or 50 losses. While there may not be much else to say many nights, it was very refreshing recently when Jake Arrieta took the blame for a loss and said his performance was not acceptable. Many were left to wonder why we don't hear that more often. Maybe some of that will change starting tonight.

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