Hughes talks about heading back to Triple-A

In the quiet of the Orioles clubhouse, Rhyne Hughes was gracious enough to talk about the news he got after the game, that he has been optioned back to Triple-A. "I'm just going back down to Norfolk, I'll meet those guys I guess on Tuesday. "He told me to go down there and find my swing again. Hopefully I'll just go down there and do what I was doing before and get things going again. Just be ready when they are ready for me to come back, that's all." Hughes was batting .213-0-4 in 14 O's games. After going 5 for 13 with 3 RBI in his first three games, Hughes was just 5 for 34 since. "Of course, it's disappointing. But it's okay. Like I said I'll just go and try to do what I was doing before. I just had a rough spot, I wasn't doing some things I was doing before and I just need to get back to that." Coming later: Comments from Alfredo Simon about tonight's ninth inning.

Simon talks about the ninth inning
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