If you are watching or listening to today's game......

.......why not send in a comment or question to me while you are tuned in. I'll be watching today's game from home here in beautiful Harford County. While you are tuned in and also keeping up with all of Roch's great reporting from the game itself, feel free to send me a comment as well. We've gotten a lot of interesting comments today on my blog about Guthrie & Tillman. Feel free to keep the comments coming there or you can write them here now as well. (No need to repeat what you already sent it however, it's published on the first blog). During the game I'll post some comments throughout the broadcast. How about some questions, opinions, predictions, comments or observations from you. Anything about the O's, the Majors or Minors, fire them off now and we'll have a dialogue of sorts during today's O's vs. Boston contest. Hit refresh often to get the latest on this blog. Thanks. 2:38 - On ESPN Radio this morning, Buster Olney said Tampa was the best team in the AL East "right now." He said NY and Boston would upgrade during the year to pass them. He also said those three clubs might be the best three in baseball. Tell us something we don't know, Buster. 2:26 - Looking ahead to opening day, especially with this score, I looked up some stats on Kevin Millwood. He wil be making his 7th career opening day start when he takes the hill vs. TB. He is 2-4, 3.34 in the six outings over 35 innings. He was a 9-1 winning pitcher opening day last year, leading Tex past Cleveland and lefty Cliff Lee. He gave up just one run over seven innings, throwing 113 pitches. 2:15 - It's 9-1 already. Not a good showing for the home team on a TV game. I miss those 8-0 wins over the Yankees from recently. The Sox look like they started swinging on the bus. They love to hit O's pitching. That has to change, don't you think? 2:06 - How about Jim Palmer talking there about Caleb Joseph. The O's media is finding out what some of us learned last year. Caleb is one articulate guy and one of the best interviews in the entire organization. He should start as catcher at Bowie this year. 1:50 - Wow, everything is belt high for Berken and he is getting rocked. Note to self - get the ball down. Meanwhile Jim Palmer just pointed out the O's dismal 2-16 record last year vs. the Sox. 1:38 - Izturis just showed why he stays in the lineup despite a weak bat. He turned a rocket into a double play and made it look easy. That was a great play. Berken got too many balls up in the zone in the second and was hit hard, that was somewhat like last year for him. 1:35 - Strong throw from Reimold in left that could have gotten an out at the plate. I still say Nolan, with more experience in left, will turn into an above average left fielder. That is when he is 100 percent healthy and playing every day. 1:22 - BRob all over the field so far, quite an early test for the back. Meanwhile, am I crazy to think Lester could out-pitch both Beckett and Lackey this year? 1:11 - Reimold doesn't need to be running into any fences less than a week before the opener. 1:07 - They're underway in Sarasota with Jason Berken on the mound. He had an ERA of 11.66 vs. Boston last year and gave up 33 hits in 14 2/3 frames vs. the Sox. Yikes!

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