Is Markakis taking a bigger leadership role?

It's been an interesting few weeks for O's outfielder Nick Markakis. He spoke out about his teammates approach at the plate on offense. And he also found time to meet with O's owner Peter Angelos to exchange thoughts about the future of the Orioles. Does all this mean Markakis is ready to take a prominent leadership role on this team? "You can call it what you want. I think I'm just taking the right steps to try and get this stuff going in the right direction. I'm not saying who we should get or what we should do here or there. I just think it's time to make a go at this and a legit go at it. "Yeah, I'd say being the guy that signed a six-year deal and has come up through the organization, it's the right place and time to make that big step and get things going. We have to look for the future of this organization. We owe it to the players and the fans." Markakis is known for being quiet around the media and is not the most outgoing in an interview setting. Does his quiet nature make it harder for him to be a leader on this team? "No, I don't think I have to change anything. My teammates know how I go about things and go about my business on the field. I'm just looking to step up and get things going in the right direction." Markakis said, in addition to the comments he made in the Baltimore Sun about the players approach on offense, he has spoken with other players about their hitting out of the media limelight. "I talk to guys about their approach. I try to help out any way I can. Every hitter is different. They just need to start executing and looking like they have a clue and things will turn around. I have seen better approaches. You ask for something and if you have guys willing to do it, that's a good sign." "I plan on staying on top of this. I think it's what this organization and this fan base needs."

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