It's go time for the offense

So you say you are not impressed by the Orioles' offense so far? Not much to speak of to date. Six runs on 17 hits and a team average of .239. They are just 3 for 21, that's .143, with runners in scoring position. I didn't drink any cool-aid today, lots of water though. But I see some good signs from this offense. For one, if he is healthy, it won't be long before Brian Roberts starts spraying hits. He is 0 for 10 which just means he's due for some hits. Sure, it's still his spring training, but his swing doesn't look so bad right now. When he gets it going, usually so does the whole offense. I just love Adam Jones in the two-hole. I really like the speed-power combo there. The ability for Roberts to get on base and distract the pitcher enough to give Jones a pitch to cream. Plus he just looks like he's ready to get off to a great start. Tejada has hit some balls hard and I expect him to have a decent year at bat, but no, he won't be hitting many homers. Wieters looks super already and has driven several balls hard and Atkins has two doubles in two games. Can they match the Yankees in scoring? Probably not even close, but this team will hit more than you've seen. They've faced Shields and Garza so far, not chicken liver. Generally speaking, the club seems to be working the count so far and trying to get the starters pitch counts up. I see some games with a decent number of runs in the Orioles future. What are your thoughts?
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