Luke on the loss

It would be hard to blame Luke Scott for this loss or the lack of offense vs. Matt Garza in Tampa's 4-1 win tonight. He reached base all three times he was up vs. Garza with a single and two walks. Perhaps Garza tread lightly with him after he homered off him twice in that July game vs. the Rays. Here is what Scott about the Garza and this game: "Garza had good stuff and has a plus arm. For the most part he stayed out of the middle of the plate. He's got a power arm but he finessed moreso tonight. He tripled up on his change-up and threw a lot of breaking balls. That's not typical of him. "He's more, come right at you and challenge with the fastball in the zone. Tonight, he was more out of the zone with his fastball and getting his breaking ball over in the strike zone and having it run out the zone. He kind of changed up his approach a little bit. "I heard them, (his pre-game comments) but you know what. This is a lesson to be learned in life. God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. If you walk around this lifetime thinking everything will go your way, you're greatly mistaken. This is a very humbling game. Me personally, I prefer to be thankful for what I have and the success that I get in this game and not run my mouth. This game can humble you quick. "It can get to you (not beating him). I don't let it bother me and I respect every opponent that steps out on the mound. It's an honor to be here at this level. We are all here because God has given us a lot of talent to play. "He said what he said and he backed it up. He did a good job for his team, but don't let it bite you in the butt. If you let your head get big, your time may be coming. And it's not going to be fun."

Buck's seeing it all
Post-game Showalter

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